When the "Great Server Crash of November 2021" occurred and many parts of the Texas Prep Softball website were lost, Coach Hicks salvaged many parts of the site and made everything accessible to all visitors, including the Open Dates Master Lists and Coaches Directory. Now that many parts of the site are back up and running, the parts that were subscription only (Open Dates & Directory) are now back to being accessible by subscription only. 

The cost of a yearly subscription hasn't changed -- it is still $10 per year. The fee covers the administration of the website, domain fees, new server and backup space, and time/effort to keep the site running. Coach Hicks covered those fees for many years until many of you asked him to start charging a nominal fee to keep the site running. 

The work is not complete yet as the site will continue to be rebuilt and the information not currently on the website will be added back in the next few weeks. 

Thanks to everyone for your patience in this event and we will continue our goal of keeping all of us coaches networked as we have done for 20 years!